A Letter To Parents – Reframing the Scope of Ministry in the Midst of Uncertainty

June 8, 2020

We hope this finds you and your family well and navigating this extraordinary season with a tangible sense of God’s grace and presence. If your son or daughter came home a few weeks earlier than expected, no doubt that has been both wonderful and stretching for all of you. And if they stayed at Purdue, the “post-apocalyptic” version of the campus has likely been stressful, as well. This is not how any of us would have scripted the past couple of months.

A Semester of Unknowns

We knew this semester would be unlike any previous. Beyond the usual work of ministry, we would also be in the final stretch of a capital campaign to raise $7M for a new building. We would transition people, programs, and our belongings to a temporary space. After Easter would come the demolition of our building and the groundbreaking celebration for the new project. We expected all those changes and challenges. Then came the pandemic.

Discipleship, prayer, and worship have all continued in various forms. We have sought to meet students prayerfully and consistently where they are as they process their grief and confusion, as well as their plans and expectations. We have encouraged them to trust God more fully with their futures and to be creative in how they reflect His love. As we wrap up the semester, say “goodbye” to our graduates, and make plans for discipleship throughout the summer, we are filled with gratitude and awe for all that God has continued to do. Looking forward, there is no real clarity on what life at Purdue will look like this fall. President Daniels confirmed that students will return to campus, but as for protocols for worship services, Greyhouse Coffee, Starry Night Music & Arts Festival, prayer events, or myriad other gatherings, there are many unknowns.

What We Know:
  • We will continue to be a church community engaged on campus with our temporary headquarters at 320 North Street (across from the Union Hotel).
  • We will continue to worship and pray together in person or online (or some mix of the two).
  • We will continue to seek the flourishing of the campus and local community in a Jeremiah 29 way, contributing to the common good and shaping the cultural norms.
  • We will continue to reach, equip, and mobilize the Purdue community for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

Exactly how we do each of those things (the scope, methodology, and structures) is a work in progress, and this fall will inevitably look different from any in our 54-year history. We believe this year of “exile” will be important to overall trajectory of Campus House as God reframes not only the physical house, but the whole scope of discipleship and outreach in the future.

Will you come alongside us in this good work?

Will you pray for wisdom and faith as we navigate life and ministry in these times?
Will you consider partnering with us financially through our General Fund and/or Capital Campaign as we break ground on our new church home in the exact center of Purdue’s campus?

We are grateful for the privilege of having your son or daughter as part of this church community. As I shared with our seniors this week, unlike most of the 900+ organizations at Purdue, being a part of Campus House has no shelf life. Wherever they are, they will always be a part of this family. We consider the same of you.

God’s grace and peace,
Rob Schrumpf and the CH Staff