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Dear friends, 

Over the years, many of these November letters have been written in the pre-dawn hours. Maybe it’s the time God has my fullest attention with fewer distractions to ask lovingly invasive questions like…“Do you trust me?” This is the question that begins each journey with Christ, but it is also the question that keeps us honest and dependent each time we “begin again” in a new chapter in the story God is writing. We are not starting from scratch, but it does require fresh faith to step out, again, in trust.

Students pray during a night of worship, baptisms, and connection with God and one another.

The new Greyhouse on our first floor sees 300+ customers every day, providing opportunities to show hospitality to campus.

Pray in Faith

I recently spent a day with friends from campus ministries from around the state. Across the board, people said this year has felt a bit like starting over. The shared side effects of these last 18 months have included decreased participation of students, but also a kind of generation gap as core students graduated and subsequent ones were so disconnected. Last year, it was incredibly difficult to build any sense of community. We saw an uptick in mental health issues and a decline in connection and outreach. These challenges are obviously not unique to campus ministries, but there is an extra layer of complexity as we think about Campus House culture.

The transient nature of the population, the year in “exile” geographically and relationally, and the mental health crisis, exacerbated by isolation, have all deterred the momentum, relational trust, and peer discipleship that naturally builds from year-to-year upon an established ministry ethos and culture. 

Trust is a slow cook: building a culture of discipleship and mission takes time, intentionality, and prayer. The invitation, then, is to assume a patient posture of hopeful expectation and loving dependence on our heavenly Father as we pray toward what’s ahead and remember with gratitude where we’ve been.

Students worship during a prayer and worship gathering in our temporary home at 320 North Street in 2020.

Will you pray that Christ is formed in us more deeply and upholds us in joy amidst the challenges of this season?

Several students publicly committed their lives to Jesus through baptism this semester.

A few hundred international students (of the roughly 9,000 at Purdue) joined us for a welcome dinner the week before classes began.

Give in Faith

The last few years have been a breath-taking, faith-filling, eye-flooding adventure of God’s sheer grace and provision on display through His people—nearly 600 of them. You all contributed more than $6.9 million to build a new Campus House, an extravagant commitment even without the instability of a pandemic and cultural upheaval. Thank you for believing in the importance of God’s work here and sacrificially giving to support it. Your generosity advanced the project timeline by a year and defied estimations that we would only be able to raise $3 million (maybe). It was a huge stretch. But what God has continued to do through you and the Campus House family rarely makes sense statistically. You are “beyond imagination” kind of folks.

“Oh, the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” (Romans 11:33)

Indeed, His provision through you, and the subsequent impact on campus, boggles the mind. On the heels of the pandemic, we see its effects manifested through loneliness, depression, addiction, and even trauma. And yet, the Kingdom is breaking through. Wounded minds and hearts are receiving hope and care.

The lonely are finding family. Students are learning to hear God’s voice through His Word and follow Him. It’s as if all the provision we have received was for this particular moment. To quote Roland Winger, our campaign committee chair, “The building is done. Now, it’s game time.” We need your support in order to keep playing.

Your year-end gifts are always critical for us, as we usually receive 35% of the year’s income in the last two months of the year. Looking ahead to next semester, industry experts say that the year following a capital campaign typically sees a dip in giving to the tune of 10%. Additionally, with higher utility and maintenance costs of our new building and increases in personnel wages to help counteract inflation, we need $1,089,000 in general fund giving (plus the fulfillment of remaining campaign pledges) to have a welcoming and staffed church home in the heart of campus in 2022. This goal is only a 3.9% increase from last year—a direct reflection of your generosity that has allowed us to remain debt free.

House Groups meet weekly to learn and live out the foundations of life with Jesus.

Will you give to help continue the mission on campus to reach and disciple the Purdue community in the way of Jesus?

Step in Faith

At the building’s dedication, I gave a shout-out to T.S. Eliot who penned, “To make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.” 

And so we “Begin Again…”

We invite you to dream with us, to imagine the need and the scope of ministry opportunities in this cultural moment.

To be sure, we are not starting from scratch. We do have an amazing new House and an incredible staff team and a core of students who get it and some permanent folks and families making Campus House their church home. We do have a vision for multiplicative discipleship, missional communities, multi-generational and multi-ethnic ministry, and becoming a missional hub and sending base to all the nations. And we are deeply committed to the longer journey of discipleship, pastoral care, and equipping the campus community in the Cross-centered way of Christ and His Kingdom.

We are so grateful to be on this journey with you. May grace and peace be multiplied to you through the experiential and faith-soaked knowledge of God and Jesus our Lord.


Rob Schrumpf, Lead Pastor
On Behalf of the Campus House Staff

Save the date for the Annual Thank You Dinner Saturday, February 26th in the Purdue Memorial Union Ballrooms. Formal invitations will follow. 


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