As we teach through the book of Ephesians this school year, most every Sunday morning comes with the reminder that Paul wrote it to a plural “you”—a corporate gathering of believers. It remains consistent that Purdue students long for the abundant life Jesus offers, whether they’re familiar with Him or faith is brand new. But perhaps more than ever, and in light of the distilled isolation of the pandemic, students also long to share that abundance with others. Here at Campus House, members of the Purdue community are becoming members of a household where they’re equipped in their discipleship and commissioned to display God’s love to the world.

Each school year, we choose a theme to focus our vision for ministry. “Time to Build Together” draws on Paul’s language in Ephesians 2:22: “In Christ Jesus, you are being built together into a dwelling place of God in the Spirit.” This theme also reflects our heart and aim: for Campus House to become a multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multiplying church community in the heart of Purdue’s campus. God has graciously and strategically brought an amazing mix of people to our community with diverse ethnicities, cultures, ages, and spiritual gifts to participate in what Jesus is building at Campus House. At a time when it’s remarkably easy to choose autonomy and self-sufficiency, we’re responding to—and extending—God’s invitation to be an interconnected household on mission.

As you read these stories from this particular “house,” know that we give thanks for the grace of your prayerful and financial partnership. And we also wonder: What excites you about this vision? How might the Spirit invite you to join in what He’s building?

A whole-life

When we look at the life of Jesus, we see holistic and healthy rhythms of relating to the Father and those around Him. One way we’re talking about these rhythms as a community is using the language Up (life with God), In (life shared with other believers), and Out (life on mission in the world).

Life with God

An abiding relationship with God develops the resources and maturity needed to faithfully attend to His calling on our lives.

Life Together

Our humble, cooperative participation in the Body of Christ builds up the Church as we help one another listen and respond to Jesus.

Life in the World

We partner with God to share His love in this broken world, moving His mission of redemption and restoration forward.


A life turned upward orients us to God’s big story and our place in it. Corporate worship, Scripture, prayer, and pastoral counseling were all means of grace that helped us become rooted in our identity as His own, wholly surrendered to Jesus and eager to follow Him.

STEPHEN, Senior & Worship Leader

“Worship has been such an intricate part of my story, and it has been so cool to be able to worship in so many settings at Campus House. Whether that be Sunday mornings coming alongside the congregation, or a worship night where we invite all campus ministries to come together, Campus House has encouraged and created spaces where anyone can come and explore a heart of worship!”

Rob introduces this school year’s teaching series
in Ephesians on the first Sunday of the fall semester.

Hundreds of students gather on Slayter Hill to begin the school year in prayer and worship.


Our staff and Prayer Council led the Campus House community through several prayer initiatives to equip and deepen relationships with God and others. These trainings and concentrated times of prayer helped students grow in relating to God, ministering to one another, and interceding for the campus.

“Last year, Campus House hosted a 24-hour prayer event, which I am confident paved the way for the miraculous possibilities of this current semester. At the worship night on Slayter Hill, chains were broken, people responded to the gospel, and Christ was magnified. I am excited to continue experiencing the Lord’s movement through His houseas well as in my life!”

KALEA, Sophomore
& Prayer Council Member


A life shared with others recognizes our dependence on the Body for our flourishing. Through organic and proximate pockets of community—such as student leadership teams and Joshua House—we helped each other listen and respond to Jesus and practiced building up the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:12).

TALLY, Sophomore & Align Planning Team Member

“At Align, I have seen God move in my life and others’ lives through the way we tell redemptive stories. It has been super cool to hear the ways that the Lord has moved in people’s lives and to get to experience trusting Him more because of knowing Him in our lives better.”

“I love this season of ‘building together’ because there are so many opportunities for students and families to experience the vibrant life of the Church as it was intended. We weren’t called to consume but to participate in the work that God is doing to build His Kingdom here. ‘Building together’ gives us all an opportunity to be aware of the ways God is calling us to love and serve in our contexts, regardless of our season of life or age.”

Associate Pastor of Teaching & Equipping

Bryan teaches at Align, our midweek gathering that equips students to go deeper in community and their discipleship to Jesus.

GRAYSON, Junior & Joshua House Resident

“The men of J-House are seeking to foster a deeply connected culture of disciples that make disciples. We share struggles, battles, and victories (whether spiritual or mental) and pray into those together. In the process of making disciples, we also want to teach and equip those who we are discipling to then make disciples themselves. These two concepts go hand-in-hand, as making disciples involves being deeply connected with them. Discipleship in our eyes is really about doing life together. J-House has been one of the greatest blessings God has ever given me, as through it I have experienced the love of Christ like I never had before.”

“We first approached Campus House as a military family in constant transition. We found a diverse body in both age and station in life that was looking for ways to establish pockets of community in the area. Our family’s experience in our ‘pocket’ has been enriching and restorative in ways we did not expect in our short time here. Retirees, teachers, young families, old families, single students, and international students have breathed truth and love into our family as we seek to do the same. As we embark on another transition, we are challenged to pursue this kind of community in the Body of Christ.”

Community Members


A life committed to blessing others views hospitality and service through a missional lens. Greyhouse,
Starry Night Music & Arts Festival, outreach events for international students, and Ecuador Vision Trips all provided opportunities to care for our neighbors—both locally and around the world.

We welcome international
students to campus over dinner.

Students gather in the
lobby before a dinner..

Vision Trips to Ecuador offer our students a broadened perspective of God’s work in the world and an opportunity to serve alongside local missionaries.

Exploring Life with Jesus

We hosted our first Alpha course, a 12-week series of conversations for those interested in exploring faith. Alpha introduces Jesus to those who do not yet know Him and was an opportunity to welcome and disciple members of our broader community.

“My experience at Alpha has been one of the sweetest and most enriching experiences in my life. It has provided a bridge to the wider Campus House community, where I have made friends who are deeply comfortable giving of themselves to each other every day. It is in their company that I have been seeking, with greater confidence and belief, a deeper and perpetual relationship with the Lord at all times.”

Graduate Student
& Alpha Participant

Bridging the Greater
Lafayette Community
Through Coffee

Greyhouse Coffee welcomed hundreds
of Purdue community members daily and will soon open a third location downtown called The Lobby. As we apply Campus House’s vision to become more integrated generationally and ethnically—and more participatory
in our neighborhoods—we hope and pray this restaurant serves as a bridge
to the Greater Lafayette community.

“Dallas Willard said, ‘Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if he were you.’ One of the greatest opportunities that we have at Greyhouse is to help our staff and baristas work this out in their daily lives. What does Christlikeness look like as an employee, a coworker, a student worker with financial and academic pressures, and a member
of the Purdue and wider Lafayette communities? The encouragement and challenge to walk in this way bring not only flourishing for the staff and baristas, but also the wider community as healing, love, and life break in.”

Greyhouse Chaplain


Beyond reporting the highlights and events of this past year, we also hope this piece captures some of the ongoing vision and mission of Campus House. “Vision” cannot be reduced to a strategy for ministry; it is not just “what” we do, but “how” and “why” we do what we do. While we are thankful for growing numbers and impact, the Kingdom metric captures stories of transformation and celebrates the ongoing fruit of grace-filled discipleship as we “build” together.

Here we’ve highlighted some of the “big bricks:” regular gatherings and initiatives which provide a context and shared experience for learning, equipping, and mission. But we are also excited about organic pockets of worship, prayer, and Jesus-centered community cropping up around the campus and the city. We celebrate all kinds of ways students and community people alike are taking the initiative to “be church,” reflect Jesus to one another, and carry His love outside the walls of Campus House.

We want to continue to invite, equip, and shepherd everyone who walks into this beautiful space to listen and respond to Jesus, to practice these rhythms of Up, In, and Out, which empower all of us to more fully and naturally connect with Jesus, one another, and our neighbors. We are filled with gratitude and wonder for what Jesus is building and for the support, prayer, and love of His Household, the wider Campus House family, who continue to partner in this good work. All glory be to Christ!

Lead Pastor

Board of Directors

Ray Adler
Randy Bond
John Comer
James Foster
Sherry Johnson
Jeff Jones
Nathan McIntyre
Gail Moffitt
Julia Myer
Dave Piersma
John Schnarr
Nathan Ridderman
Brad Stayte

Campus House Staff

Emily Berry
James Clayton
Hailey Dady
Jenna Davis
Sarah Fleming
GiJey Gilliam
Matt Glaser
Erin Good
Shane Good
Ken Liechty
Heather Lindenman
Mallory Manning
Jean Martin
Dana McKinnis
Joe Price
Lea Schrumpf
Rob Schrumpf
Dave Shockey
Ali Wisthuff
Bryan Zinn
Morgan Zinn

Student and facilities Staff Team

These individuals were a valuable extension of our staff team and helped make Campus House a home for many in the Purdue community.

Claire Adams • Spencer Anderson • Isaac Bailey • Laura Barnes • Jacob Beebe • Joseph Bertsch • Stephen Brake • Adriana Brown • Lauren Bultinck • Karsyn Carpenter • Kalea Cruz • Abigail Davis • Caitlyn Elizaga • Christopher Fry • Chyna Galloway • Camille Hamilton • Matthew Harstine • Joshua Hoeft • Taylor Jackson • Emma Keesling • Leah Keesling • Hannah McCollum • Luke Oukrop • Karlie Saunders • Arron Smith • Lucille Sullivan • Samuel Sutton • Leah Taylor • Erin Walker • Clark Winrotte • Janet Winrotte




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The Impact of Your
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Your generous and consistent giving positioned Campus House to meet real needs in the Purdue community this past year. Some students heard and responded to the Good News of grace offered in Jesus Christ. God deepened their spiritual roots and strengthened them for the long haul of discipleship. He put the lonely in families, challenged worldviews, and connected the proverbial dots. He unveiled truth, goodness, and beauty in a culture wrought with confusion, distortion, and pain. Thank you for your partnership in making much of Jesus on Purdue’s campus. “For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever!”
(Romans 11:36)

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