When we decided to use our new vision statement to frame our 2023 Year-in-Review, we also decided to create original artwork that offers a visual reflection of the statement—and by extension, what we feel God is calling us to as a ministry.

There are two primary elements of this piece, the blue alcohol ink and the gold line work. The alcohol ink process is unique. It’s imprecise, unpredictable, and sometimes messy—much like each of our stories of discipleship to Jesus—as it becomes something beautiful.

The gold line work follows what we see as the three “movements” of the vision statement. The first, a Jesus-centered community, is represented by concentric circles emanating from a unifying point—in our case, a unifying Person, our Savior and King. 

The second “movement,” being formed together in His ways, is represented by the lines flowing from the concentric circles. These lines overlap and intersect, much like our own stories do as we pursue Jesus in community, with all of the joys and challenges that come with knowing and being known by one another. 

The last portion of the line work reflects for the sake of the campus, the city, and the world. With our eyes fixed on Jesus, we are able to participate in His Kingdom work, working side by side—like the “sound waves” in the art—to bring His grace, healing, and wholeness to our communities. The end of the piece brings us back to the same imagery as the beginning, reflecting our identity as a sending base for mission and ministry.

We pray that this art, in all of its contexts, offers both a reflection of the goodness and beauty of Jesus and a visual invitation into His calling for our ministry. Like everything we do, it’s all for Him.

The Campus House Communications Team
Jean Martin, Lead Graphic Designer, with Karsyn Carpenter, Jenna Davis, GiJey Gilliam, Joe Price, Bethany Samuel, and Rob Schrumpf