In our Send-Off Sunday this past week, we celebrated and commissioned this year’s group of graduates, Vision Trip participants, and folks who are transitioning to the next chapter of their stories beyond Campus House. Each year, this Sunday is bittersweet—we’re grieving the departure of these cherished members of our community, and we’re filled with deep joy for the ways we know God will continue to work in and through their lives. For all of us on staff, it’s a reminder of why we continue to do this work.

We talk a lot about discipleship around here—about what Jesus is stirring in us individually and collectively, about how the choices we’re making (or not making) create space for the Spirit to form us into His image, about the people He’s calling us to invest in within our daily lives. Discipleship, this process of becoming like Jesus, is always intertwined with mission as we seek to do what He did. We are ambassadors, co-creators, bridge-builders, and agents of reconciliation. We are commissioned and called to embody, demonstrate, and proclaim the ways and means of Christ’s Kingdom for the sake of the world. 

For our graduates as they finish up their time at Purdue and for Matt as he wraps up his Apprenticeship, there are so many stories of both what they have brought to this community and of the growth, maturity, and calling that has been solidified through their years at Campus House. Their time here has been formative for them. It has also been formative for us—they’ve taught us much about what it means to minister to this generation of young adults as we all seek to embody the Kingdom of Jesus together.

And for Dana, words fall short in expressing the impact she has had on the direction, financial stability, and thriving of the Campus House community—the oversight of a capital campaign and building project, navigating a recession and a pandemic, a Greyhouse remodel and expansion to three locations, the day-to-day of management and supervision and insurance issues and HR issues and facility issues—for the last two decades! That run-on sentence only scratches the surface of what she has meant to this ministry, not to mention what she has meant to each of us personally. We are sad to see her go. At the same time, we are excited for Dana, her husband Neil, and their sons Oscar and Asher as they begin a new chapter in their story. Dana has started a position at Camp Tecumseh, a local Christian camp, and we cannot wait to see how God uses what He has formed in her during her time at Campus House to further His Kingdom work there. As our Board and leadership team prayerfully discern next steps, Kristina Hollars has begun serving as our Interim Director of Operations. Kristina has served on the Greyhouse financial team for the past year and in church leadership in the past, and we’re deeply grateful for the Lord’s provision for Campus House through her.

After His resurrection, Jesus tells His disciples, “As the father has sent me, so I am sending you” (John 20:21). For all of us, our “sentness” is integral to our very nature as a community of followers of Jesus. To see ourselves as “sent” is to continually commission and encourage one another to be present in the world, discerning how to faithfully partner with God’s reconciling activity in creation. We’re sending Dana, Matt, and our graduates into new contexts to embody the grace and truth of Jesus, and as we celebrate them, we sense His Spirit reminding us—all of us—of our call to do the same.

In Christ,

Rob Schrumpf, Lead Pastor
On Behalf of the Campus House Staff

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