Fulfilling an Exciting Vision

An Interview with Bryan Crostreet, Purdue Alum Class of 1982 and Project Manager for the New Building

Q. Can you describe the construction progress over the past few months and what’s happening on the worksite currently?

A. The bittersweet task of razing the existing building was the beginning of the fulfillment of the exciting vision that God gave the leadership of Purdue Christian Campus House. From the time the last dumpster left the site, work has focused on getting critical utilities and foundations complete so that the building envelope could be enclosed prior to Indiana’s unpredictable weather. The first architectural precast wall panel arrived and was erected on July 16th…a very exciting day! The precast walls were soon followed by structural steel, floor/roof joists, and decking. At the same time, some miscellaneous sitework was completed. Currently, preparations are being made to get the roof membrane installed to dry-in the structure. Sub-slab plumbing rough-ins are underway, preparing to pour floor slabs in the next couple of weeks. Stair installation will facilitate worker access to all three floors. Carpenters are working on critical wall framing and carpentry. We are looking forward to enclosing perimeter openings with aluminum framed storefront and glazing in the coming weeks.

Q. What excites you about this new house?

A. As a believer in Jesus, I understand that our work here goes far beyond erecting a temporal structure––it is a place where eternal souls are affected for the Kingdom. It is a place where believers in Jesus Christ will be discipled and grow; it is a place where young minds and hearts will be brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord; and it is a place where sinners find forgiveness by grace through faith in Jesus. That excites me!

Q. How have you seen God’s provision and faithfulness throughout the construction process?

A. Where do I start? I’ve seen God’s hand in this project like none other. The challenges were no small thing. The logistics have been quite daunting at times, including working through FAA approvals, working and parking restrictions, student safety, off-site coordination, a desire to be good neighbors, street closure requirements, and many others. Because of the restricted site and the new building being within five feet of the property line on two sides, plus having two highly populated residence facilities within the “fall zone” of the architectural panel erection, completing the demolition and precast wall panels during the summer break was absolutely critical…and then COVID-19. The threat of delay caused a good deal of anxiety, but God is in control. We’re not.

God has a way of making sure He gets the glory when He works. It has been very clear to me that this is God’s plan for the work at PCCH. The perceived obstacles that cause(d) anxiety have resulted in being driven back to total dependence and trust in Him and His sovereignty to accomplish His purpose in this place. When this facility is complete and the work of PCCH is restored to this house, God will receive all the glory because it is clear that He is the One who made it happen.