Coming Alongside Greyhouse Coffee

March 21, 2020

Dear friends,

Last week, we wrote you a ministry update regarding Purdue’s COVID-19 policies that required immediate adaptations to our engagement with students. Since then, the University’s protocols have become even more stringent in alignment with city, state, and federal recommendations. We are working diligently to stay connected to our students and plan to utilize technology for Sunday services, Community Groups, and pastoral counseling. However, one integral facet of our ministry to this campus, Greyhouse Coffee, does not have that same flexibility. We’re writing to you today because we need your help to keep demonstrating the love and hospitality of Christ from the corner of State and Northwestern.

Due to the Governor’s restrictions on in-person service at restaurants, Greyhouse has closed its dining room and is only serving food and drinks to-go. This has led to having to lay off most of Greyhouse’s workforce and sales likely falling to 25% or less than average. Even if the in-person ban is lifted, our primary customer base––Purdue students––will not be returning for the remainder of the spring semester.

With great trust in the Lord’s sovereignty and care, we humbly ask that you stand in the gap for Greyhouse in this challenging season, where you are able. We know everyone has been affected by this moment in history, and we want to be clear that we see you and are praying with you. We grieve over what’s taken place for so many, and we invite those of you who are willing and able to support this part of the ministry to help keep it going.

Here are a few ways you can help:

We’re grateful for your prayers and support as we seek the flourishing of our community through hospitality and a great cup of coffee.