Dale Denton

Graduated: 2014
Studied: Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology
Hometown: Sandusky, OH
Current City: Ladoga, IN

Q. How do you spend your days?

A. Most of my time is spent at work; when I am not at work, I am usually spending time with friends in the Brownsburg area, volunteering at Connection Point Christian Church, or remodeling my house.

Q. What is your Campus House Story?

A. I grew up in a Christian family and attended church throughout my life. Once I had graduated high school and began studying at Purdue, I was looking to find a church, but perhaps not as eager as I should have been. My Purdue experience began with the All-American Marching Band, and through this, I made a group of friends. A couple of guys from that group kept inviting me to

“There was never a point at Campus House that I did not feel comfortable and invited.”

join them at Campus House, and after a few times asking, I gave in and decided to join them. From that point forward, I was committed. The sermons that Rob gave always felt relevant and inspiring; there was never a point at Campus House that I did not feel comfortable and invited.

Q. How did Campus House influence your discipleship as a Purdue student and post-graduation ?

A. I believe it was in my second year at Purdue
that I began to meet regularly with one of the Campus House leaders. He was intentional about following up and assuring that we met weekly, even when I tried to tell him I was busy. One of the main points that we always talked about was the importance of surrounding yourself with a solid community of like-minded Christians; this was his way of convincing me to attend the Spring Break trip, which only reinforced the need to have that solid community. I have continued to maintain a solid community of Christians through a small group of men at similar points in their lives. This group has allowed me to grow exponentially in my faith through the intentional relationships that we have. One of my mentors got me involved in a volunteer position at my current church that has now led to me being a lighting coach, allowing me, in turn, to disciple new volunteers. This all leads back to the principles that Campus House reinforces about the importance of our own discipleship and allowing others to challenge us. Then, we invest in others as we grow as Christians.

Q. What is your prayer for this generation of Purdue students.

A. My prayer for the upcoming generation is that despite the rhetoric about Christianity being false and outdated, they find the strength to continue the pursuit of Truth. Our lives are not going to get easier as the world progresses, but we can use our lives to show others there is meaning beyond our temporary positions. Do not be afraid to stand up for what is right; Paul says it best in Romans 5 that our suffering and persecutions in this life lead to hope beyond all we can imagine. Christ gave His life for us while we had nothing to offer in return to allow us the opportunity to be with Him.