Reframing the House

Sermon Series:Reframing the House

1 Peter 2:5 / 1 Corinthians 3:9-11 Our theme for the year speaks to the restoration project that Jesus is doing in each of us and in all of us together as the church, His House. The Renovation of the Heart is the ongoing work of discipleship and sanctification in each of us. The process of discipleship includes both deconstruction and reconstruction - it isn’t just about learning new things, it’s also about ‘unlearning’ or dismantling some of our assumptions and experiences in order to build our lives on what is true (about God, ourselves, this world). The Renovation of the House is the ongoing framing and reframing what it means to be the church, to be united as the Body of Christ, to embody and demonstrate His Kingdom, and to impact the world for His glory.