What is Global Connect?

Global Connect is a program offered by Purdue Christian Campus House, a non-denominational church on Purdue's campus. Global Connect helps promote and facilitate cross-cultural friendships, and our goal is for you to feel at home here at Purdue.  Get to know people from around the world. Experience American holiday meals. Take a break from school and go on sightseeing trips. We also match international students and American students as friendship partners.

What are Friendship Partners?

Global Connect Friendship Partners are American Purdue students (or recent graduates) who desire to know you and become friends with you. Through weekly group hangouts, they'll help you acclimate to Purdue's campus culture and meet with you throughout the semester for food, conversation, and various fun activities.

Join a Group!

If you'd like to join a group please complete the Google survey at pcch.org/globalconnectsignup and select all the time you're available this semester. Contact Dana at dmckinnis@nullpcch.org to learn more.

Global Connect Events