Join Us in Preserving the Ministry and Legacy of Joshua House


For the past 30 years, Joshua House has been a home for hundreds of young men as they learn what it means to follow Jesus in intentional community and to invite others into that life together. The rhythms of discipleship, consistent open-door hospitality, and subsequent life-long bonds that the J-House residents share are exactly what the Campus House staff and board of directors prayed for when we purchased the house in 1991. The house has played a crucial role in the life of our community through the years, and consequently, the building itself has endured consistent, heavy use. The roof, porch, and communal bathrooms are all in varying stages of disrepair and require considerable renovations to keep the house a safe, welcoming space for residents and guests. While Campus House regularly invests in routine improvements to the house, we need your help to fund a few significant projects over the next two years—read on for more specific project details.


Based on consultations with and estimates from numerous professionals, we are working to raise $250,000 to complete these repairs and renovations. Would you be willing to give to make these changes a reality? Beyond strengthening the structure of the building itself, your gift will provide a foundation for the next 30 years of Kingdom-impacting discipleship and hospitality. We ask you to prayerfully consider giving at least $100 per month over the next two years. Some of you love the house and believe in the guys but can’t commit as much as $100 per month—please give as you are able, and know that we treasure your partnership. There are others of you who may be able to give more than $100 per month. Would you consider doing so?

Join us in securing the ongoing ministry of Joshua House by giving through one of the options at the bottom of this page.

We are blown away by the work God has done the past thirty years at Joshua House and are very committed to partnering with Him in His ongoing work there into the future. Join us in making some much-needed updates to the house and impacting the lives of the young men who live there and those they welcome into the house for decades to come."

Ken Liechty
Pastor of Student Life

Repairing the Roof
The roof currently features broken and leaky gutters, holes and gaps in the soffits, and missing shingles. We have patched holes and gaps when unwanted animals have found their way through, but the exterior of the house appears fairly dilapidated. The roof issues are acute and need to be addressed in the summer of 2023.

Reconstructing the Porch
The brick wall of the side porch is bulging in multiple places, and the holes in the concrete deck seem to grow larger each year. Additionally, water has found its way into a couple of the basement rooms this year, and we need to regrade the landscaping on the entire north side of the house to prevent this from happening consistently. It is not yet an emergency, but we hope to rebuild the deteriorating porch and rework the landscaping in the 2024–2025 academic year.

Updating the Bathrooms
With missing tiles, chipped counters, and cracked shower enclosures, both communal bathrooms are showing their age. The bathrooms are not significantly different than they were when we purchased the house, so complete bathroom renovations are long overdue. Our goal is to complete these renovations in 2024.

For generations of Purdue students, Joshua House has been a place where residents grow together in their discipleship to Jesus and guests encounter radical hospitality. We ask that you prayerfully consider a monthly gift of at least $100 over the next two years to sustain this treasured space, but know that we are deeply grateful for your partnership at any level.

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