Julia Myer

Graduated: 2004
Studied: Health Physics
Hometown: Parker, CO
Current City: Avon, IN

Q. How do you spend your days?

A. I currently homeschool our two children (Jonathon, 10, and Jacqueline, 7), so our weeks are filled with two co-op schools, school at home, and school wherever life happens to take us. On the weekends, my husband, Joe, and I teach Sunday school classes at Ben Davis Christian Church and attend worship there. I also help lead a women’s Bible study. We squeeze in time with friends and neighbors between kids’ activities in the evenings and weekends.

Q. How did you get connected to Campus House?

A. I joined a Care Group my sophomore year but really felt connected when I went to the Smoky Mountains on Spring Break (it probably didn’t hurt that I met Joe then). I led a Care Group my junior and senior year and lived in the 403 house my senior year.

Q. How did Campus house equip you in your faith as a Purdue student and for life after graduation?

A. Campus House was a blessing in so many ways. It gave me a sense of belonging and helped me stay connected to God’s Word.Leading Care Groups not only taught me about biblical studies but also helped me be a better leader and friend. Having mature believers pour into me helped me in my relationships at college and afterwards.Accountability groups helped teach me true accountability, authenticity, and depth. I really appreciated the financial class and the marriage counseling Joe and I had at Campus House. We often talk about how much those opportunities helped us start our marriage on the right foot.

Q. What does discipleship mean to you in your current season? Can you share what the Lord is teaching you?

A. Now that we have kids, we see discipleship as a joint effort. In addition to teaching our children about our faith, our family is trying to focus on pouring into a few non-believers and new believers in our lives. We host meals and studies, but sometimes we have to balance watching kids with having one-on-one time with another adult. We still follow Campus House’s leading of coming alongside one another. We’ve also both been blessed to meet weekly with individuals who pour into us. One thing the Lord is teaching me right now is having an answer for my faith, understanding some of our cultural lies, and continuing to trust Him in all circumstances.

Q. What is your prayer for this generation of Purdue students?

A. My prayer for current Purdue students is for them to experience genuine community and understand God’s Truth. I pray that non-believers will come to know and accept Christ. I also pray that students will be equipped with tools to live out their faith on campus as students, but also after college as they begin careers, marriages, and families.

“Campus House was a blessing in so many ways. It gave me a sense of belonging and helped me stay connected to God’s Word.”