Let’s Build Together

In our previous newsletter, Rob described the vision for Campus House in this season: to cultivate a Jesus-centered community within our campus ministry that is more multi-generational, multi-ethnic, and multiplicative so that we become a fuller picture of the Body of Christ and have greater impact on campus and as a sending base for mission and ministry.

Our aim and prayer is that the people in our community do not simply show up on a Sunday, independent and detached from an awareness of how God is moving in their lives every other day of the week. Instead, we’re encouraging our body to notice where He’s stirring, and what He’s up to in and around us. We’re getting curious about how we can partner with the Lord and one another to take the next step toward knowing, loving, trusting, obeying, and sharing Jesus with the world. Or the neighbor next door.

This process of discernment—of identifying God’s movement around us and our role in coming alongside others—is advanced together. Practically, it looks like discipleship “huddles,” or small groups of people committing to praying for and joining in the work God is doing in each other’s lives. It looks like more and more families, young professionals, and retirees participating in our church by volunteering on the worship team and pursuing relationships with undergraduates. It looks like student musicians leading worship for the elementary and middle school kids as part of their Sunday school experience.

It’s true that ministering on a college campus will always have some transience to it. But we hope and pray, and also believe, that the multi-generational group forming within this campus ministry will create more opportunities for transformation as we see Purdue students surrender to Jesus as Lord:

  • Patterns of sin defeated by the power of the Spirit;
  • Depression and anxiety quieted by the peace of Christ;
  • Loneliness healed by authentic communion with His Church;
  • Passivity and indifference replaced by a zealous pursuit of Jesus and a desire to see His Kingdom break through in the here and now.

Empowered by God’s grace and the prayerful support from you all, we’re reminded of the weighty and joyful privilege of discipling this generation up and into Christ. Thank you for choosing to multiply disciples alongside us for the sake of this campus and, when they leave it, the world.


Grace be with you,
Campus House

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