Dave Shockey
Pastor of Mobilization
Connecting students to Jesus, and then watching their lives transform as they follow Him, is one of my favorite parts of pastoring at Campus House. Incredible transformation can happen in a moment when someone is set free from the bondage of sin or when they receive forgiveness and healing from God. It can also happen slowly, over the course of years, through small steps of obedience.

A few weekends ago, Campus House hosted another Worship Night and Baptism Service where we saw some radical moments of transformation. Seven students were baptized under the stars on a crisp Friday evening. After the baptisms, everyone headed to the Big Room for a time of worship. As Ralph (our Worship Pastor) and I led the service, we encouraged the hundreds of students gathered to fix their eyes on Jesus. During this time four more students felt a prompting from the Lord and asked to be baptized that night!

On the same weekend, I also had the privilege of conducting the wedding of a former Campus House student. This alum’s life was slowly, but radically, transformed as she learned to take the small steps of obedience. She went from a life marked by broken and sinful relationships to a life marked by the pursuit of God and a healthy, Christ-centered marriage; she is now serving God with her whole life.

You are helping to create epic moments on Purdue’s campus, and you are supporting a culture that helps people follow Jesus for a lifetime through daily obedience. Thank you for praying, thank you for giving, and thank you for partnering in this powerful work God is doing at Purdue, bringing lasting transformation to students. In the rest of this letter you will see snapshots of God’s work through Campus House this year. There is no way we can capture all the ways God is working, but this gives you a taste!


"The largest revelation of God's grace, love, and compassion during my time at Purdue has been through the community I've found at Campus House. This community is one of love and vulnerability—one where you are truly seen and known, where you can be open with your brokenness and be met where you are at with love. I have learned what it is like to feel even just a fraction of the Lord’s love for me through the people around me, and it has pointed me to a much deeper understanding of who He is and His desire for relationship with me."
- Kayla Abramowski

Rob Schrumpf
Lead Pastor
For all the stories of heart transformation and faith-in-action that we know about over the fifty-plus years of this ministry, there are thousands of stories we have yet to hear. And, to acknowledge that for all the stories of changed lives and Kingdom impact that we are able to share, there are thousands that we can’t. One reason for this is that the process of discipleship isn’t some pre-packaged program - it is walking alongside students and prayerfully helping them encounter Jesus as He does the work of cutting through layers of brokenness, addictions, abuse, brokenness, sin, and self-centeredness and brings life and redemption. It is impossible to put metrics on discipleship because it is mostly under the surface and life-long. It is a beautiful, messy, non-linear, grace-filled process.

Cultivating the soil, planting the seeds, watering the fragile new growth, casting a vision of redemption, restoration, and hope - this is the long-haul work and mission of Campus House.
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