Recovering Our Purpose in Christ

In this final episode of the podcast, we revisit the conclusion to Ecclesiastes found in Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 and specifically talk about what it means to “fear God and keep his commands.” We see that this is a shorthand statement that points us to the entire story of Scripture, through which God is guiding us towards … Read More

Recovering Our Purpose

In this episode, we see how the two conclusions to the book of Ecclesiastes are invitation to gain a far greater perspective on our lives than what we have simply through our own experiences and deciding our own meaning and purpose. The book of Ecclesiastes shows us, in Ecclesiastes 12:8, that our experience of this … Read More

Facing Death in Christ

In this episode, we see how the two commands in Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:7 — to rejoice in life and to remember death — point us to the life and death of Jesus Christ. It is a foundational truth of Christianity that the death of Christ is God’s response to our inevitable death. While death is God’s … Read More

Planning the Future & Facing Death

In this episode, we look at Ecclesiastes 11:7-12:7 and learn from the Teacher who calls us to both rejoice in the goodness of life and remember the reality of death and God. In fact, these things go hand-in-hand: to truly make the most of life you have to not ignore but face death. Death is … Read More

Money in Christ

In this episode, we continue our consideration of wealth from the perspective of wisdom, turning to the Gospel of Luke to understand how our financial practices change when we are walking with God. From Ecclesiastes 5 & 6 we see that the reality of death ought to cause us to reconsider our love of money. … Read More

The Love of Money

In this episode, we consider wealth from the perspective of wisdom. What do we discover when we take a close look at what money does to us and for us in this world? The Teacher in Ecclesiastes shows in Ecclesiastes 5:8-6:9 that money can corrupt our morals (5:8-9), money loved cannot satisfy (5:9-12), money lost … Read More

Community in Christ

In this episode, we return to Ecclesiastes 4 and see not only how the Teacher reveals our need for caring companionship and healthy community but points us beyond the human community to our need for eternal companionship and community with Christ Jesus. Though we are called to help, care for, and protect one another in … Read More

The Search for Community

In this episode, we turn to Ecclesiastes 4 and see how the Teacher reveals our need for companionship and community. However, he sees that human companionship and happy communities are hard to find. He looks at society as a whole and sees oppression (4:1-3). He looks at the workplace and sees envy and competition (4:4-6). … Read More

Satisfaction in Christ

In this episode, we return to Ecclesiastes 2 and see how verses 24-26 show us that satisfaction is good, is possible, is a gift, and is dependent on faith. While our last episode revealed that we will not find satisfaction in the experiences, possessions, or wealth we accumulate, this does not mean we must reject … Read More

The Search for Satisfaction

What does it take to find true and lasting satisfaction in our lives? In Ecclesiastes 2, we join the Teacher on his search for satisfaction. He pursues great experiences, great possessions, great wealth, great power, and great wisdom, but finds that for all the laughter, alcohol, sex, art, entertainment, possessions, power, fame, and money he … Read More