In our first episode, we describe what we plan to do with this podcast as well as provide a short introduction to the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes invites us to reflect deeply about the nature of life in this world, and it offers no easy answers in response to the many frustrating realities we face in this life. Instead, it points us towards deeper questions such as, “Is it possible, in this life, to find lasting satisfaction, significance, goodness, truth, beauty, love, community, wealth, and power? How should you plan your future? What is the wisest way to go? How should you direct your time, energy, education, and resources? What should you seek with your one life? And how should you confront your limits, losses, and successes?” If you’ve ever wondered why Ecclesiastes is even in the Bible — with its apparently dour outlook and depressive mood — this episode is for you. We’ll argue the Ecclesiastes is a much-needed book both in the Bible and today as it invites us to slow down and consider the most important realities humanity confronts.