In this final episode of the podcast, we revisit the conclusion to Ecclesiastes found in Ecclesiastes 12:9-14 and specifically talk about what it means to “fear God and keep his commands.” We see that this is a shorthand statement that points us to the entire story of Scripture, through which God is guiding us towards personal transformation and giving us the way of persona transformation. He does this so that we might recover our human purpose and live well in a fallen world. When we “fear God and keep his commands” we find a new view of life that still sees the vanity, futility and frustration of our experiences but also can see beyond to the hope of the glory of God. We see how we cannot live as if we are in the happily ever after here and now, but we can live as if it is coming. “To fear God and keep his commands” is to receive salvation from our fallen condition and participate in transformation into the holy character of Christ. Equipped with God’s holy character, we express his hope through our lives.