In this episode, we turn to Ecclesiastes 4 and see how the Teacher reveals our need for companionship and community. However, he sees that human companionship and happy communities are hard to find. He looks at society as a whole and sees oppression (4:1-3). He looks at the workplace and sees envy and competition (4:4-6). He looks at the home life of the ambitious and finds workaholism and loneliness (4:7-8). He looks at both wise and foolish leaders and sees that both become isolated, even if for different reasons (4:13-16). Community is fleeting and frustrating because of oppression, competition, workaholism, and isolation. The Teacher invites us to see our communities as they really are, and then to turn and see our part in them. Only those who see themselves as they are can begin to change and participate in a new kind of community.