The Ripple Effect of Ministry

A Jesus-centered community being formed together in His ways
for the sake of the campus, the city, and the world.

This new identity and vision statement is meant to capture a bit of who we are becoming as well as set a course and trajectory of where we are heading as a ministry. We have often borrowed the concentric circles of witness Jesus talked about in Acts 1:8 as a way to describe the ripple effect of the impact we are called to have on Purdue’s campus, Greater Lafayette, and the world, but the concept goes all the way back to humanity’s origin story.

Scholar GK Beale writes, “Adam was to widen the boundaries of the Garden in ever increasing circles by extending the order of the garden sanctuary into the inhospitable outer spaces. The outward expansion would include the goal of spreading the glorious presence of God.”

Pastor and author Mark Sayers adds, “With Jesus’ death and resurrection, we again see this advancing and expansion of the living temple of His church in the world.”

In this season, we are seeing impact within these concentric circles in a myriad of ways. We would like to highlight a couple in each of them:

For the sake of the campus:

  • Through the Alpha Course, a variety of events, and discipleship relationships with international students, we are seeing greater ethnic diversity within Campus House.
  • At Joshua House, there is immense impact both within the house, through discipleship and leadership development, and on the campus, as the residents engage in hospitality and relational evangelism.

For the sake of the city:

  • Greyhouse and The Lobby by Greyhouse impact both sides of the river as they welcome and serve hundreds of people each day. A couple of our staff members continue to invest in a missional community of Greyhouse baristas who are growing, worshiping, and ministering together.
  • Starry Night Music & Arts Festival welcomed over 15,000 to the streets of downtown West Lafayette to experience a taste of the Kingdom through beauty and creativity.

For the sake of the world:

  • Not only are more international students coming to Campus House to hear the Gospel, be equipped, and be sent out to live for Christ, we continue to send out domestic students to participate in how God is moving in other parts of the world through Vision Trips and summer internships.
  • Our staff team is also making an impact globally, bringing their gifts to England, Ecuador, India, and Nigeria to help teach and equip the global Church.

The ripple effect of ministry begins with your prayers and support. Thank you for your partnership in this good work.


In Him,
Rob Schrumpf, Lead Pastor
On Behalf of the Campus House Staff

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Your prayers and gifts create opportunities for Purdue students to grow into disciples whose impact will ripple from campus to the ends of the earth.