God’s Faithfulness in the Process

An Interview with Roland Winger, Chair of the Campaign Advisory Committee

Q. What is your Campus House story, and why did you become the chair of the advisory committee for this project?

A. Campus House has been a part of my life for over 50 years. My home church was a founding church, and my siblings preceded me at Purdue. I was involved as a student then served on the Board through the 1990s when we acquired full ownership of the current building. I was honored to serve on staff for five years before returning to the business world. I accepted the invitation to chair the committee, as I felt my entire life had led me to this opportunity––an experience I will always cherish.

Q. You frequently mention God’s faithfulness throughout the campaign. Can you share how you’ve seen His goodness and provision in this process?

A. There have certainly been a number of “Aha!” moments throughout the planning, logistics, and fundraising process.Yet God’s provision has been most meaningfully evident to me in the persistent energy and focus the staff has invested in the campaign. Doing so while serving the needs of students has been nothing short of amazing. Secondly, the unbelievable (yet believable) response by so many with gifts of time and treasure to make this vision a reality humbles me and all those on the committee.

Q. What excites you about this new House?

A. Over the past few months, as building plans have taken shape, thoughts of the campaign have yielded to visions of students living and serving through the new facility. This excites me beyond words. I’m not sure we can overstate the impact that the community occupying this outpost at Purdue will have. Envisioning the community doing its “thing” in worship, small groups, Greyhouse stops, and the precious, daily interactions between individuals makes me smile deeply inside.

Q. What is your prayer for Purdue students who walk into our new building?

A. My prayer is that persistent, life-changing grace will thrive and that hungry souls will be fed through the community that calls this place home. And, finally, that Purdue, Tippecanoe County, and the world beyond will receive life from what goes on here.