Annual Report 2020

A Look Back

The word “unprecedented” has become the over-used prologue in the collective storyline that is 2020. For Campus House, this looked like hosting a handful of students on a Thursday in March for prayer and worship — our final gathering in the Mushroom before moving into our temporary home at 320 North in just 36 hours.

Most students finished the semester away from Purdue, and we created the Living Room Sessions to encourage them in Word and worship. The University resumed in-person classes in the fall; mask wearing and social distancing imposed new limitations and the need to push through the awkwardness and other relational barriers.

We chose this school year’s theme, “Life in the In Between,” as a way to describe the theological “now and not yet” time between the resurrection and return of Jesus. The Kingdom has come, yet not in its fullness. The Gospel holds in tension the reality of eternal hope and present chaos. As a ministry, God is reframing the literal house, but we’re in a unique position culturally, too, navigating life and discipleship in the midst of chaos, unknowns, and missed expectations. We sensed the call to engage culture while keeping our eyes fixed on a greater, eternal Kingdom. We sought to encourage our body to be in the world, but not of it.

The limitations on gathering size allowed us to focus on going deeper, rather than wider, with the students in our midst. We considered what it

would look like to apply some different measures for evaluating success as a ministry — away from mere numbers and toward longevity of fruitfulness. Not just doing less, but being more.

And while we wrote recently that hindsight has definitely not been 2020, we see God’s mercy on display in a multitude of ways. He has renewed passion, purpose, and unity within our staff team. He is building our new house for future generations of Boilermakers to call home. Purdue students are knowing Jesus intimately and growing in their desire to share the Living Hope they have with their peers. He is deepening trust, exposing sin, establishing peace, and placing the lonely in families — His family.

“But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.” (Psalm 33:11)

Friends, may we stay attached to God’s purposes as we live this life in the “in between.” May we replace fear with a deep love for the lost, a strong awareness of the Gospel hope in the midst of darkness, and a resolute desire to live for Christ and make Him known. May this next season be one of depth before breadth as we learn to listen, love, and live into Christ’s Kingdom calling.

Whole Gospel

To teach, live & share the
whole Gospel of Jesus Christ

“The Gospel has always been our hope, but its beauty and light have been especially evident against a backdrop of cultural turmoil and suffering. Campus House sought to ground students in a biblical worldview amidst the unrest, anchored by the grace, truth, and sacrificial love of Jesus. Sunday gatherings (both virtual and in-person), as well as House Groups (replacing our former Community Groups), provided contexts to not just hear the Word but encourage one another to respond in obedience. Together, we fix our eyes on Jesus, and by His Spirit, we seek to incarnate Him to one another and the world.”

Lea Schrumpf
Spiritual Formation Director

Releasing Shame & Finding Freedom

Kristen Day, Senior

Campus House staff initiated a support group for women struggling with sexual brokenness in early February, and participants continued to encourage one another virtually throughout the year. We’re deeply grateful for the ways Jesus moved toward these women with His truth, grace, and intentions for their sexuality — bringing freedom, healing, and experiential knowledge of His steadfast love.

“…If you’re a woman who struggles with sexual brokenness and you want to pursue community and healing, come to my office at the end of second service…”

Lea Schrumpf’s words found me stunned on the downstairs couches at Campus House. I sat squarely in that moment, having never heard words like them before. I braced for the wave of emotions that followed. Oh boy, they came.

Growing up, I loved being in church. My parents have always been strong believers. They showed me how to love God even when it cost a lot. They showed me the beauty of hospitality and unconditional love. I saw exactly what Jesus was talking about through them. When I was five years old at a church event one summer, I told God I’d try to love him like that, too. It felt like a no brainer.

Somehow though, the truth of God’s love for me started to twist in my mind. The enemy knows God’s truth well enough to make pretty good-sounding lies out of it. As I grew into adolescence, the enemy told me I needed a boyfriend, I needed sex, and I needed it on my terms. I tried my best to fight, but in my thought life, I bought in. God’s good gifts became invasive thoughts that cycled through my brain. I wanted to know there were girls who struggled like me, too. But instead of reaching out, I just bottled it all up.

A church that I’d come from growing up put this hard emphasis on evangelism through story. They called testimonies “Faith Stories,” and I knew the Holy Spirit had been nudging me to write mine since high school. One summer night, I started typing and spat out six pages outlining what God had brought me through and how I was learning to trust Him with my heart. I felt a weight lift off my chest, coupled with the burden to share my story.

Terrified, I emailed the six-page Word doc to a staff member who’d been discipling me for a few months. The time I spent waiting for his response was agonizing. Maybe the enemy was right. Maybe letting people into my brokenness would only invite shame and disapproval. He responded three days later. (God’s really good at doing things in three days.) Right then, I knew God had begun the hardest part of the healing process. I finally decided to let Him.

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Jesus and I have kind of been on a safari since then. He gave me binoculars and started pointing out things I’d never noticed before.

Remember those moments you’ve tried to forget? Notice how they broke your heart. Hear those unkind words you tell yourself? I call you beloved. He’s shown me the beauty of His provision, His rest, and His knowledge and care for me.

“He’s shown me the beauty of His provision, His rest, and His knowledge and care for me.”

Fast forward to that Sunday in February again. I’m sitting on the couches during first service, shocked at what I’m hearing Lea say. At first, I questioned God’s timing. It felt like the work He was doing on my brokenness was largely over with, still I decided to check out the meeting. In the past few months, our ragtag support group has become a community of women walking the difficult path of freedom and vulnerability in Christ. They’ve challenged me to take my journey with Jesus deeper; I promise you it has not been easy. Honestly, I wouldn’t be writing this if I hadn’t started down the path alongside them. But here I am, and I’m so thankful I did.

“Being a disciple of Jesus means we follow where He leads. House Groups are a place where we practice hearing and responding to the voice of Jesus, both communally and individually. We encourage our students to come and grow together as we hear His voice and put into practice what He’s asking.”

Erin Good
Campus Minister

Practicing the Presence of God

Brandon Speakman, Pharmacy Student

Jesus says in John 10:27, “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.” Staff-led House Groups and discipleship groups provided opportunities for students to discern God’s presence and voice within a committed, biblical, and prayerful community.

This past semester, my walk with God has centered around listening and responding to what He is saying to me. While COVID brought with it a lot of space to do so, it also made listening more challenging, as my head was filled with more stressful and anxious thoughts. However, the more I intentionally listened, the clearer His voice became and the more certain I became that He actually is talking to me. He reassured me that He is always with me and will never leave me.

While the feeling of loneliness never would fully go away, it would be eclipsed by His love for me and presence with me. Campus House staff provided me with different methods and techniques of listening to Jesus that greatly helped me in this pursuit. I am very grateful for the work He continues to do in me and for the community He has put me in to support me in my walk!

“However, the more I intentionally listened, the clearer His voice became and the more certain I became that He actually is talking to me.”

Whole Life

To transform & equip the
whole lives of Purdue students

“Life with Jesus cannot only be experienced on a Sunday morning and at a mid-week gathering. The social limitations of the pandemic reminded students of the truth that whole-life discipleship must extend beyond the physical walls of Campus House. Students were stretched to rely more directly on the Lord and one another as they sought to practically and faithfully follow Jesus in each and every area of their lives.”

Ken Liechty
Pastor of Community

Intentional Community in a Pandemic

David Craig, Sophomore

Joshua House, our intentional men’s house, set aside their usual means of campus outreach in exchange for more personal connections with friends and classmates. In addition to Joshua House, we also took on ownership of the “Green House,” an intentional home for a group of female students.

Living on campus during COVID-19 has been especially hard as a member of Joshua House. Our house’s mission is to be a place always welcoming and open to anyone. Adjusting to try to maintain our mission but also keep ourselves and our guests safe during a pandemic has been very challenging. I believe this semester God is inviting me and many others to create truly deep and intimate connections with him and with those closest to us.

This past year’s Green House Residents (Left to Right): Ashlyn Benson, Kristen Day, Carley Sturm, Grace McGuire, and Chloe Tuinstra.

Prayer as an
Extension of Love

Victoria Scotney, Graduate Student

Campus House’s staff-led prayer team commits to interceding for our church, campus community, and world. Regular campus prayer walks, Sunday night prayer services, and a special prayer and worship night on Election Day all served to ground Campus House in the sufficiency and goodness of God as His Kingdom comes on this campus.

A few of us have been going out on Friday afternoons to pray on campus. Sometimes we pray for the campus, and sometimes we stop and offer prayer to students or others we encounter. One week, two of us stopped to talk to a girl sitting by herself on a bench. We introduced ourselves and offered to pray for her, but she told us she didn’t know what that meant. I explained that we believe in God, that He loves us (and her), and that when we speak to Him (pray), He hears us and responds ­— so if she had any stress, problems, or pain, we’d be happy to pray for those. She then shared that she’d been struggling with suicidal thoughts and agreed to let us pray.

By the end of the conversation, her countenance had changed so much she almost looked like a different person. She told us that it was the kindest thing anyone had done for her. I was so moved by God’s love for her, and how He had seen her and used us at that moment to show her how much He loved her.


Students gather at Campus House on the night of the Election to pray and worship.

Whole World

To influence the whole world
for Christ & His Kingdom

“For God so loved the world that He sent His only Son…and He continues to send His beloved children into the world as citizens and ambassadors of His Kingdom. We seek to live as a sent people—sent to our roommates and families, sent to campus and our city, sent to the hurting and broken, and sent into every sphere of society through our careers and missions. This new building in the center of campus will act as a sending base, where followers of Jesus are commissioned to shape Purdue’s culture with the lived reality of the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.”

Dave Shockey
Pastor of Mobilization

Greyhouse: Opening New Doors in the Pandemic

New location, same great coffee.

After taking proactive steps in the spring to protect our customers, Greyhouse began fulfilling only to-go and retail orders with a minimal staff team. We asked for your help at one of our lowest points, and you came through. By God’s grace and your donations and purchases, Greyhouse Coffee has continued to serve the Purdue community throughout the pandemic.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to team up with Downtown Lafayette’s newest restaurant, Ripple & Co., to staff a Greyhouse coffee bar inside the restaurant. Ripple opened in late 2020, and the partnership has been well received by the community.

Thank you for supporting Greyhouse in 2020!

Increase in Donations

 Doughnuts Sold

Increase in Online Retail Sales

“For the last 12 years, God has cultivated Greyhouse to be a safe space for our community—a place of consistency, a taste of home, and a rock in times of chaos. Our customers continue to file in during a pandemic because they care about Greyhouse, and I have to believe that’s in part because they know Greyhouse cares about them.”

Sarah Fleming
Scheduling Manager

Exposing Darkness & Bringing Light

Dr. Nathan McIntyre, Alum & Board Member

We’ve often shared about God’s perfect timing for our new house in the heart of Purdue. This project testifies to His ability “to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,” especially when we consider the ever-deepening need for hope on campus and the reality of building in a pandemic. Thank you, friends, for joining this good and necessary work on behalf of Purdue students.

There are times when God whispers His plans to us, and times when we’d need to close our ears not to hear Him. The momentum to start this building project started slowly and cautiously, but it quickly became clear that God was moving and the timing was right. I have been routinely humbled by God’s provision throughout this process. Praise be to our God and Father for stirring the generosity of so many of His people!

It is encouraging and refreshing to remember that no building holds the Body of Christ, and so much more when we are asked to limit our gathering together indoors. Indeed, these pandemic days and the isolation, fear, and anxiety they bring have starkly re-exposed humanity’s deep need for community. Is not God’s timing perfect? The hope of Christ has always been needed on Purdue’s campus, and perhaps never more desperately than this past year. The Gospel ministry happening today through the students and staff of Campus House is light in our dark world. By God’s mercy and perfect timing, may this new house stand ready to support that work soon.

For my family and me, it has been an enormous privilege to contribute to this work of Christ. I remember vividly the value of community as a college student. Fostering community and speaking the truth of the Gospel at Purdue will only be more and more important as time passes. What a blessing to be even a small part of God’s ministry for the next 50 years and beyond at the corner of State and Waldron!

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A Kingdom Vision Beyond Purdue

Cody Rice, Campus House Alum

Cody Rice and Clay Steele, recent Campus House alums, sensed God leading them to start a house church in their new city of Columbus, Ohio. It is our joy to bless Boilermakers into a Kingdom vision beyond their four years at Purdue, and we hope this story of faithfulness encourages you to follow Jesus wherever you are, too.

The Lord had been putting a house church on my heart for a little over a year before I graduated from Purdue. About six months before moving out to Columbus, Ohio, I got to share the vision and heart of the idea with one of my good friends, Clay Steele, who graduated from Purdue in 2019 and was already living in Columbus. The Lord began to put a house church on his heart, as well, and our plans of living together after my graduation sealed the deal.

We had the idea but nothing concrete for awhile, but one day a coworker named Mark asked me why I was so “jolly” all the time, and I got to share the Gospel with him. He asked what church I went to, and I explained how I just moved to the area and was in the process of starting a house church. He said, “Well let me know when you do.” So the Lord used him to light a fire under us and make it happen.

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I have been able to see God’s faithfulness and His love for every single person. Every week, Clay and I pray for our upcoming time together as a church and ask God what He wants to do. And every week he answers us. He highlighted Luke 16:10 to us a few months ago, which says whoever is faithful with little is faithful in much, and that’s our role through it all—to mimic His faithfulness and His love for our church of five people.

“One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much…” (Luke 16:10)

Clay Steele (Left) & Cody Rice (Right) in their new city of Columbus, Ohio.


This decade is a defining moment for the church—not in spite of polarizing political divides, the decay of morality, pervasive racism, and the erosion of family, not despite a mental health crisis, pandemics, and environmental chaos, not despite poverty, wars, and brokenness in every form…

But in light of the fact that this is still our Father’s world and the Spirit is still hovering over the chaos about to bring life. The Kingdom of Heaven has broken through the veil, and the restoration project–the renovation of hearts, the renewal of minds, the transformation of lives and communities–is in motion.

Christ is reframing the house, busting out the closets of independence, the clogged drain of our sin and selfishness, the walls graffitied with the scrawling of our idolatrous self-importance. He is restoring the woodwork. He is changing out the lighting.

He is expanding the windows so that we can see our neighbors, to see and serve the lost and broken who are in dire need of truth and grace of the Gospel, to see our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ, of whom we are just a part.

He is putting in wider doors so more Boilermakers can experience a true Gospel-centered, Spirit-led, missional community and then be sent out those said doors having encountered Jesus, having experienced transformation, having a fire, and a vision for a life completely committed to Him.

The storyline of the Gospel is that Jesus is building His House; His Church, His Kingdom. He is the foundation, the cornerstone, and the capstone of this House.

Thank you for coming alongside us in this vision. You are an integral part of the ministry of Campus House and the storyline of God’s provision for this place in 2020. Thank you for giving sacrificially, praying unceasingly, and joyfully anticipating another decade of ministry in the heart of Purdue.

In Christ alone,

Rob Schrumpf, Lead Pastor

Rob Schrumpf
Lead Pastor

Thank You!

You came alongside Campus House in a year that had the potential to be wrought with frustration, disappointment, and fear. Instead, God’s goodness and faithfulness were palpable—largely because we sensed His prayerful and financial covering through you all. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for being the Church in this year of transition, of “exile.” To God be the glory for the things He has done and all that He will do.

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