What is Campus House?

Purdue Christian Campus House is a non-denominational church community comprised of undergrad & graduate students, young professionals, and families who desire to follow Jesus and grow in their faith. Our heart is to be a hospitable, diverse, multi-generational church that cares well for each other and those outside our doors. We'd love to come alongside you in pursuing an intimate and dynamic relationship with Christ and equip you to live for His Kingdom.

Joshua House

Through living in our intentional house, the men of Joshua House grow together in their discipleship to Jesus, serve the Campus House community, and extend hospitality to fellow Purdue students.


Alpha is a 12-week series of conversations exploring faith in a safe, judgement-free environment. Each week’s session is centered around a meal as we build relationships with those in the broader Purdue community.

Gathering thousands of people from the campus and city, our annual street festival is intended to bless our community with a taste of God’s goodness, beauty, and creativity and to mobilize the Campus House community in collective service.

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Starry Night Music
& Arts Festival

Coffee & Supply Co.

We opened Greyhouse in 2008 to demonstrate extraordinary hospitality and show God’s love to those who may never walk into Campus House. With three locations in Greater Lafayette, Greyhouse is a beloved gathering space for our community.

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What to Expect

You can find us in our new home at 1000 Mitch Daniels Blvd across from Lily Hall, close enough to walk from most residence halls and apartments. We will have worship services Sundays at 9am & 10:30am, along with a Wednesday gathering called Align at 7:30pm. Every service includes biblical teaching, worship, prayer, reflection, and application of the Word.

Families are welcome to park in the gravel lot at the corner of First and Waldron Streets. During the school year, we will offer nursery care for infants and children up to three years old and Sunday school for children pre-K through fifth grade at the 9am service. Children are also welcome to join their families in services.

Our heart is that Sundays would be a weekly re-connection to each other, the Gospel at work in our individual and collective stories, and the grace and truth of Jesus.

Our Vision

Whole Gospel. Whole Life. Whole World.

We seek to teach, live, and share the WHOLE GOSPEL to radically transform and equip the WHOLE LIFE of Jesus followers at Purdue and then mobilize them to influence, love, and change the WHOLE WORLD for Christ and His Kingdom. We desire to see thousands sent out from Purdue aware of their identity in Jesus, rooted in the Father’s heart, and filled with the Spirit. We long to see churches, homes, workplaces, and prayer rooms worldwide filled with Boilermakers for whom God’s grace and truth are the impetus, motivation, and eternal reality of their lives.

Our Mission

To reach, equip, and mobilize the campus community at Purdue for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

We desire to make God’s presence known on Purdue’s campus as a vital part of the Body of Christ throughout Greater Lafayette. Our purpose to connect each person intimately with the Father’s heart and other Christians, come alongside them in the Spirit’s process of transformation, and mobilize them for Kingdom living.

Beliefs and Values

We believe that there is one true, Holy God, eternally existing in three persons – Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit – each of whom possesses equally all the attributes of deity and characteristics of personality.

The sole basis of our belief is the Bible, which we hold to be infallible and entirely originated by God and given through the instrument of chosen men. Scripture is reliable and trustworthy to align us with the heart and will of God and equip us for being apprentices of Jesus.

Following Jesus, becoming His apprentice, means that we are also members of His body, the Church, a kind of family that embodies, demonstrates, and proclaims the way of Jesus and the whole of the Gospel. As a family on mission, we seek to build bridges, do justice, extend hospitality, create beauty, and love others in ways that reflect Christ.

We encourage you to access our full beliefs and values document here. If you want to learn more, we invite you into a conversation with a member of our pastoral team by emailing [email protected].

Slide What We Believe About Intimacy

We believe Scripture to be the inspired, accurate, timeless, powerful, epic storyline of God's creation, pursuit, and restoration. Ultimately God has revealed Himself to us through His Son, Jesus, and as we respond to Him, He makes His presence known to us in the intimacy and power of the Holy Spirit.

Slide2 What We Believe About Life

God wants to give us life, but we can only receive this life if we spend time with Him and receive from Him: reading and meditating on Scripture, confessing our sins and sharing our struggles with each other, and praying for and with people to experience His restoration.

Slide3 What We Believe About Community

The Father and Son and Spirit are all loving and giving and sharing with one another. Community is an invitation to participate in this Triune relationship, and to continually invite others into it. We acknowledge that we need each other and that the life Jesus offers works only in connection with others. The most defining thing about us as a church should be the way we love one another.

Slide4 What We Believe About Story

We believe everyone has a unique story, and we desire to help each person pursue an intimate and dynamic relationship with God that invites the Gospel (the big story of God’s love, pursuit, and restoration) to transform and redirect the trajectory of one’s life. The process inevitably leads to a new chapter in one’s story—in Frederick Buechner’s words, a defining of one’s calling where “your greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.”

Slide5 What We Believe About Transformation

The Gospel invites us into a process of salvation, transformation, and growth that comes only through the Cross. As the Spirit works within us, renovating our hearts, we will seek to become like Jesus in all areas of life, including our finances, attitudes, speech, actions and relationships.

Slide What We Believe About Coming Alongside

God has called us to come alongside those around us with the truth and grace of Jesus. This involves the way we live and share the Gospel, but also our responsibility to the poor, the oppressed, and the broken.

Slide What We Believe About Worship

God alone is worthy of our worship, and we desire to worship with our whole lives. When we do gather for corporate worship, we have the opportunity to reframe our hearts and minds, to assume our appropriate “smallness,” and live for His glory.

Slide What We Believe About Engaging Culture

The Kingdom of God is here and now. We want to be able to recognize the Kingdom as it breaks through and into this broken world. We want to participate with God in bringing His Kingdom into all aspects of life and culture by naming and dispensing His grace, truth, and beauty as we love and serve those around us.

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