Apply Your Gifts & Passions


COORDINATOR: James Clayton, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@semaj

Create a welcoming environment at Sunday services through coffee and conversation.

Worship Team

COORDINATOR: Ralph McCoy, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@hplar

Join fellow musicians and vocalists to help lead the Campus House community in worship.

Worship Tech

COORDINATOR: Ralph McCoy, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@hplar

Help with the technical side of worship (sound, lights, and slides) during Sunday services.


COORDINATOR: Dave Shockey, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@evad

Receive information about ways to serve in prayer.

Sunday School

Coordinator: Emily Berry, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@ylime

Provide care and teach pre-planned lessons for children (infant–12 years old) on Sunday mornings.


COORDINATOR: Emily Berry, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@ylime

Care for the children of Campus House staff members.


COORDINATOR: Jackie Durbha, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@eikcaj

Capture Campus House events to use for social media, promotion, and donor communication.

Global Connect

COORDINATOR:Hailey Dady, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@anad

Reach out to international students and share friendship, culture, and the Gospel in a natural way.

Sunday Service

COORDINATOR: Sarah Flemming, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@haras

Help with logistics of Sunday morning services.


COORDINATOR: Emily Berry, hcruhc.esuohsupmacnull@ylime

Assist with mailings, office tasks, and front desk hospitality.