Annual Report 2019

Purdue Christian Campus House

A Letter From Rob

A Year of Reframing

Our neighbors just discovered that their roof had been leaking for about a decade, completely rotting the interior framework in the front of their house. Under the surface of nicely painted drywall was chaos, and they had no idea. They literally have to go back to the foundation and reframe the walls.

Similarly, discipleship is a process of both deconstruction and reconstruction. It isn’t just about learning new things; it’s also about “unlearning” or dismantling our presumptions, experiences, and expectations that have been shaped by something other than the Gospel and then being “reconstructed,” built up into Christ Jesus, who is the true foundation. Discipleship is becoming like Jesus by being with Jesus; an experiential, relational knowing. It is being spiritually formed by the Word in the dailyness of life and within authentic, grace-infused community. It is sharing His heart for the lost, the poor, and the broken in tangible, life-giving ways. It is being equipped and sent out to live for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

The invitation Jesus gives to “come and follow” is a lifelong process of “reframing,” but the college years are especially significant. The following pages offer a snapshot of what God has been building in and through the lives of students at Campus House over the last year.

Throughout the report, you’ll read stories of God’s transformative work in current students and alums living out discipleship in the context of everyday life. The reframing process of discipleship has run in tandem with the preparation to literally “reframe” the brick and mortar building, and we included part of that story here, as well.

As we embark on a new and unprecedented chapter in the Campus House story, we are filled with wonder and praise of our God who continues to go beyond what we could possibly ask or imagine. Also, because He is a relational God, He works in and through His people to expand His Kingdom, and we are filled with gratitude at your participation in this good work.

“You are God’s building. But each one should be careful how he builds. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”
(1 Corinthians 3:9-11)

Rob Schrumpf
Lead Pastor


We are called to announce the Good News that God’s Kingdom is here and now. We seek to encourage Purdue students to place their confidence in Jesus, invite them into Gospel-centered community, and engage culture for the flourishing of Purdue and Greater Lafayette.

Student Story

A Conduit of Hospitality

Kyle Orzech, a Campus House student, shares how Greyhouse has become part of his testimony.

I can remember my first time at Greyhouse in February of 2018. I had recently given my life to Jesus, and a friend invited me to meet over coffee at Greyhouse. That first meeting evolved into a string of regular meetings that transformed our friendship into my first ever experience of Christian discipleship. It became routine to spend two or three hours on Monday evenings discussing the ways that the Lord was teaching me about my identity as a son, showing me how to pursue righteous excellence rather than self-serving perfectionism, and establishing my new membership in the greater Christian body at Purdue.

In August of 2018, I was hired as a barista at Greyhouse and had begun to attend the Campus House Sunday services more regularly. In the year and a half since then, I have walked through numerous life changes, including the divorce of my parents and a change of major from electrical engineering to kinesiology. Despite these changes, Greyhouse has remained constant. When I walk through its doors, I am warmly welcomed by my coworkers and the countless customers that I have grown to cherish and enjoy. Greyhouse has played a substantial role in my testimony, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it gives me to share my God-given joy with everyone who walks through its doors.

This past January, Campus House also provided me with the opportunity to partner with them on a week-long Vision Trip to Ecuador. On the trip, God opened up new doors to connections stretching from Purdue all the way to Camp Bellavista in Urcuqui, Ecuador.

“Greyhouse has played a substantial role in my testimony, and I’m grateful for the opportunities it gives me to share my God-given joy with everyone who walks through
its doors.”

We care about coffee because we care about you.

Greyhouse made several notable operational improvements, including a new drip coffee method and a reverse osmosis water filtration system to improve the quality of our coffee.



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Listen in to Sunday Sermons


First Sunday of Fall 2019

Senior Sunday

Christmas Service

Biblically-Sound Teaching Series

The Book of Amos

Understanding and seeking God’s justice and righteousness

Reframing Church

Studying the identity and function of “Church” through Ephesians

The Emmaus Road

Walking toward Easter through the narrative in Luke 24


Exploring specific psalms in their Old Testament contexts

The Book of Acts

Examining the purposes and practices of the early Church

Shared Life In Christ

“There is a shared mission across denominational lines and backgrounds as we honor the Kingdom work each other is doing at Purdue. This is what has been so encouraging about the Slayter worship nights that have inaugurated the last two years: dozens of ministries and churches and hundreds of worshippers gathering together to celebrate the goodness of our shared life in Christ.”
– Ralph McCoy, Worship Pastor

Students Attended
First Sunday

“Through Campus House, God showed me that He is faithful in providing a loving community if we just ask and are willing to take the first step. It is uncomfortable, at first, to walk into a new place where everyone knows each other and you know no one, but if you make that uncomfortable step out in faith, He will not leave you there. He will send you full speed ahead into that family, and from then on, Campus House will feel like home.”
– Danny Dvorak, Class of 2019

Starry Volunteers

“Starry Night is a great way for Campus House to reach students from all backgrounds. The event itself promotes local businesses and shows love to the community by creating a place where students can hang out, shop, and enjoy each other’s company. A lot of people who may not usually go to church still attend the event because of the fun, inviting atmosphere surrounding Starry Night.”
-Lyndsay Moye, Starry Volunteer


We are called to be disciples, personally and corporately growing into the likeness of Christ. We aim to help Purdue students become attentive to His presence, live under His Lordship, and pursue spiritual maturity together.

Student Story

Leading in Love

David Ledger, a Community Group leader, shares how he experiences God’s love through Campus House.

When I first came to Purdue, my roommate and I began to look for a church that we might enjoy going to on campus, and relatively quickly into our search, we discovered Campus House. During my sophomore year, I felt the Lord pushing me to get more involved, so I joined one of the Community Groups. At this point, I really began to see God’s love through Campus House, as I was able to learn and grow from the strong, biblically based teachings on Sunday and the deep community involvement through our small groups. It has been a common theme that the more I am involved in Campus House, the more I see God’s love not only for myself, but for and through all those around me.

Toward the end of my junior year, I was encouraged to consider leading a group the following year. I have always been confident with one-on-one discussions, and even in front of a very large crowd, but I knew that facilitating a discussion amongst a smaller group was not my strong suit. After a lot of prayer and discussion with those around me, I felt the Lord wanted to use me as a leader of a small group, and that I needed to be flexible and step outside of my comfort zone. Besides, how else do people grow except by going beyond their own comfort? Since then, my experience as a Community Group leader has drastically grown me in my faith (and prayerfully those around me, as well).

This past summer, especially, God had been teaching and showing me peace. Through school, an internship, travel, and more, He really took the time to bring me peace amidst some rather stressful situations. This year, I feel He has truly been showing me His love.

The people around me have shown me God’s love during my struggles. He has taken the time to show me His love in little things throughout the day, as well as in broader things like community. Whatever it may be, I feel that despite myself and my many flaws, He has constantly been drawing me closer to Him.

“I began to see God’s love through Campus House, as I was able to learn and grow from the strong, biblically-based teachings on Sunday and the deep community involvement through our small groups.”

Pursuing Jesus in Community

Community Groups exist to equip Purdue students to encounter Jesus in His Word as He empowers us to love God, love one another, and reach our campus with hope.

Community Group


Students Joined Groups
in the Fall

Following Jesus Together

“Looking at the life of Jesus, we see that He invested time in individuals, but also in groups. We have formed discipleship groups that challenge students each week to hear what God is saying and then respond to what He’s said. The beauty of the groups is that the students are growing together and discipling each other in the process. It’s not just led by staff, but it’s equipping the students to encourage and challenge one another, too. Our heart is to make disciples who make disciples, and our groups have been a great launching point.”

–Erin Good, Campus Minister

Showing God’s Light

Joshua House resident Nate Shumaker shares how God sustained him through intentional community.

“I found myself feeling alone during my first year, and I would constantly be at Joshua House to retreat and regenerate in a safe place for a few hours a week. I felt like I was a little glimpse of light trying to penetrate the constant darkness, but if I wasn’t careful, I would be snuffed out. Joshua House was a place where I could go to rekindle the flame that was so fragile. Living in Joshua House, my situation has completely flipped. I no longer feel alone in my effort to show God’s light to the world, but I now instead have an entire house of men that have the combined effort toward the same cause.”
– Nate Shumaker, J-House Resident

Christ-Centered Community

Senior Kayla Abramowski shares how the Campus House community points to our relational God.

“This community is one of love and vulnerability—one where you are truly seen and known, where you can be open with your brokenness and be met where you are at with love. I have learned what it is like to feel even just a fraction of the Lord’s love for me through the people around me, and it has pointed me to a much deeper understanding of who He is and His desire for a relationship with me.”
– Kayla Abramowski, Senior

Leadership Councils


Worship Council equips a multiplying community of worshippers who listen, worship, and love in authentic communion with God and others.


Hospitality Council welcomes students into Christ-centered community and points them to Jesus through intentional conversation and joyful service.


Servant Council loves and supports the Campus House community by carrying out the logistics of weekly gatherings and acting as a conduit between the ministry and the Purdue community.


We are called to join God’s work of restoration in the world. We desire to commission Purdue students to live under Jesus’ authority and for His Kingdom in all areas of life.

Student Story

Commissioned Beyond Purdue

Laura Boodt, a May 2019 graduate, shares how Senior EXIT mobilized her to serve the Lord in the workforce.

I knew about Campus House before I even stepped onto Purdue’s campus. A mentor of mine was active at Campus House and loved her experience there, so I thought it could be a home for me, as well. I’d been active in my faith since early high school, so I really knew that having a strong church community was important to me, and it was something I was actively looking for. I went to a worship night during freshman orientation and immediately felt at home.

Approaching my senior year, everything felt like a giant question mark. I really had no plan, and as a bit of a perfectionist, I didn’t like that there was no plan. The summer before senior year, I had a “dream” internship, but I learned that it wasn’t what I wanted to do long-term, and my plan fell apart. In all honesty, I was nervous to jump into the next stage because I loved the life I had at Purdue and what God blessed me with during my time at school. A question that I faced was, “Will post-grad life be a disappointment?”

For me, one of the most beneficial things about Senior EXIT was that it was practical in nature. It was refreshing to not just hear what felt like, “Trust God; good luck.” Senior EXIT really equips you with the resources on what it looks like to build a post-grad life following God’s lead. I really liked the lesson on decision making and how to rely on mentors to provide wisdom for decisions. I also really liked the lessons about friendships and community. Outside of college, maintaining friends takes work, and building new friendships takes work, but it’s so worth it! Senior EXIT, as a whole, taught me how to partner with God in post-grad life.

As my career starts, God is continuing to teach me the balance of fully utilizing the gifts He gave me without leaning into perfectionism. How do I give work my all, but not put my entire identity in it? I am slowly, fully learning in my heart that work is worship, not performative, which is something that I need to remind myself of every day. Also, God is teaching me what it truly means to trust Him. In school, if you put in the correct input, you get the desired output most of the time. In reality, you can do everything “right,” and it might not work out. The promotion, the positive affirmation from a supervisor, or whatever else you desire is not always going to happen. God is continuing to show me how to trust His timing in all things.

“I am slowly, fully learning in my heart that work is worship, not performative, which is something that I need to remind myself of every day.”

Commissioning Seniors Into Life After College

In its second year, Senior EXIT helps graduating seniors gain the resources they need to transition successfully and thrive after college. Session topics include navigating relationships, investing in local churches, stewarding finances, and more.

“I am left full of wonder when I look back at how God has transformed me over my four years at Purdue. He’s changed me from the achievement-driven Sara who started college to a child of God who enjoys unplanned adventures. I have let go of so much to gain so much more.”
– Sara Cockrum, Class of 2019

A Passion for Justice

Campus House students rallied behind several justice initiatives this year.
Threads: A clothing fundraiser for International Justice Mission Indy Vision Trip: Partnering with local anti-trafficking organizations Justice & Jesus: Intentional small group dinner conversations
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More Than Just a New Building

Explore the Vision for a New House

The last few years, we’ve explored the possibility of a new home for Campus House: a place that would bless future generations of Boilermakers, as well as the Purdue community and the city. Through months of prayer, discussion, and exploration, we felt God kept bringing us back to this: building a new facility–on the same footprint– is our best option to effectively minister to students for years to come.

Your Role In this Work

“You are helping to create epic moments on Purdue’s campus, and you are supporting a culture that helps people follow Jesus for a lifetime through daily obedience. Thank you for praying, thank you for giving, and thank you for partnering in this powerful work God is doing at Purdue, bringing lasting transformation to students.”
– Dave Shockey, Pastor of Mobilization

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Thank you for choosing to step out with us in the call to minister at Purdue. We are witnessing Jesus inspire hundreds of students to make decisions for and toward Him, and we feel incredibly fortunate to serve His cause and Kingdom alongside you.


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