Annual Report 2021


Ecclesiastes 3 says that there is “a time to plant and a time to uproot.” Since the pandemic began, we’ve all experienced a bit of both: invitations to faithfully dig into God’s purposes right where He has us, as well as to release the practices that do not serve Christ in us: the urge to control amidst uncertainty, the pressure to perform and produce, and (in Kierkegaard’s words), the tendency to make good things into ultimate things. We submit to God’s work of planting and uprooting—and the pruning that happens in between, seeking to be aligned and re-shaped according to God’s Word.

Over the past year, we have been sensing God’s invitation to “go deeper” in order to “go wider” in multiplicative discipleship. Despite (or in light of) the restrictive nature of the pandemic this last year, we experienced His transforming grace, mind-blowing provision, and gentle prompting to “come and see;” to join Him in His work, rather than just asking Him to bless ours.

Although the pandemic continues to be a daily reality, the fall semester gave us a chance to “Begin Again,” our theme for the school year. It describes the God who gives new life and new beginnings. It recognizes the need to reset after a year of the pandemic and dwelling in a temporary space. And it reminds us to recommit all we are and do to Jesus as we begin a new chapter in the Campus House story.

Before welcoming students into the new house, the pastoral team adopted some new language to articulate our ministry goals and collective calling as we minister week-to-week within the campus community. These are five markers, or characteristics, that identify the true follower of Jesus, as well as five pillars that identify the corporate place and people we are called to become. We call it the Five and Five.

Our collective calling is to be and to raise up disciples who know Jesus, love Jesus, trust Jesus, obey Jesus, and share Jesus. We also aim to be a place and people of Presence, Belonging, Healing, and Equipping, who are then Sent out to make disciples of all nations. The mission to reach, equip, and mobilize Boilermakers for Kingdom living has not changed. Rather, these values help us view and shape all our ministry activity in ways that keep us tethered to God’s calling as a spiritual home on Purdue’s campus.

We structured this year’s annual report in a way that highlights those values. As you read these stories of transformation and glimpse the life of Campus House in 2021, we pray you’re encouraged: God is up to good, deepening roots and bearing fruit in the lives of Purdue students. Thank you for your support in this humbling and exciting journey.

Gathering as the
Broader House

We continued to meet for Sunday worship throughout the pandemic, taking precautions to care for the vulnerable in our community. The purpose of our weekly gatherings is to encounter Jesus through His Word, prayer, and worship. Sunday teaching included series through Galatians and Mark. We also initiated Presence Nights, community-wide evenings of prayer, worship and connection with God and one another. These monthly gatherings provide opportunities for students to publically commit their lives to Jesus through baptism.

View recordings of Sunday worship services at:

Left Image: Two worship services host several hundred students and community members each week.

Top Image: Two worship services host several hundred students and community members each week.

“It sometimes feels like God did the impossible in getting me to this place – taking me from a version of myself who scoffed at people with a strong faith, who were ‘jumping for Jesus,’ and changed me. He showed me that there is truly no other way to live free. Life in a relationship with Him this year has brought peace, boldness, and joy that I can’t explain. I hope I’m always jumping and dancing before Him.”

Maggie Sweet, Senior

A portable baptistry gives students more opportunities to proclaim faith in Christ through baptism year-round.

Students spend time in prayer and reflection at a Presence Night.

Rob teaches on the first Sunday of the school year in August.

Sharing Life
in Community

House Groups meet throughout the week to build community around the presence of Jesus and practice living out the foundations of the Christian life. Table Groups ​​are geared toward upperclassmen, graduate students, non-students, and families. Centered around a weekly meal, discussion stems from Scripture and a few questions from Sunday’s worship gathering.

Top Image: House Groups meet in our building and across campus to share life and grow in Christ alongside one another.

Left Image: House Groups meet in our building and across campus to share life and grow in Christ alongside one another.

“Some members of our House Groups have been students who were considering returning to the Lord after straying from their faith. God has brought these students into House Groups, where they can ask their hard questions and grapple with the realities of following Jesus in a broken world. Many other students in House Groups are on fire for God, and their enthusiasm and joy is an encouragement to all. This past semester has been especially sweet for us, as our House Group has been able to meet in our home as Purdue’s COVID restrictions loosened. Each week, we hear from young adults whose lives have been transformed by the Gospel. We have been encouraged to follow Jesus more closely in our own lives as we see the joy of those in our House Group who are living radical lives for Him.”

Joseph & Cristiana Verissimo,
House Group Leaders

Students connect during the week on the first floor lobby.

Two Sunday school classes allow Campus House kids to learn about God and be together on a weekly basis.


Part of the vision for a fuller expression of Campus House is that we become multi-generational beyond the primary vision of reaching college students. The process for this has been relational and organic, rather than programmed and attractional. The Lord has brought several families, young professionals, and graduate students into the fold of Campus House since moving into the new building. The additional space allowed us to provide two Sunday school classes for children, while monthly dinners encourage conversation around what it looks like to be a family on mission.

Covering the
House in Prayer

A prayer room on the first floor of Campus House is open throughout the week for students to stop in and pray by themselves or with others. A dedicated student and staff prayer team faithfully intercede for the church community and Purdue’s campus—foundational to the Spirit’s work of healing and restoration.

Left Image: We continually invite the Spirit to minister to students’ hearts to bring transformation and wholeness.

Top Image: We continually invite the Spirit to minister to students’ hearts to bring transformation and wholeness.

“I have grown to love and highly value my time with the Lord, as the prayer team has introduced me to new practices to center in on listening to God and His loving voice. It has been a beautiful journey to grow deeper in my personal relationship with the Lord from what I have learned from the community at Campus House. I have witnessed prayer unite not only my heart with God’s but that of the prayer team and the congregation, as well. It is a blessing to be a part of a community that is so eager to hear from God and be pressed, stretched, and challenged to go all in alongside them.”

Jessie Keown, Senior

Students pray for one another and the campus during a Presence Night.

The prayer room provides space to share prayer requests and pray alone or with others throughout the week.

“A growing awareness of trauma and the mental health crisis in America underscore the Gospel reality that humanity is broken and in need of Christ’s rescue. Since the fall of man, each created, image-bearing person on earth has experienced some level of harm and has also perpetrated it. Our staff, students, and the broader population of the Purdue community are no exceptions. We long to partner with Jesus to bring hope and healing to the world. We are committed to our own transformation in Christ and are seeking to become better equipped in informed, narrative trauma care, inner healing, and spiritual warfare so that, together, we might participate with the holistic work of the Spirit in others’ lives and equip the body for greater engagement.”

Lea Schrumpf, Pastoral Team

Being & Building
Up the Church

Campus House is called to raise up leaders: men and women who seek first Christ and His Kingdom in every facet of life. Four leadership councils–service, hospitality, prayer, and worship–provide focused opportunities for our staff to come alongside students to share life and participate in a common mission. Beyond serving behind the scenes, welcoming people on Sunday mornings, or praying before services, they are being challenged to think about hospitality beyond the walls of the church, to lead our body in prayer, and to imagine and implement ways to minister inside and outside Campus House.

Left Image: Local pastor David Henderson joined us for a conversation on faith and doubt.

Top Image: Local pastor David Henderson joined us for a conversation on faith and doubt.

“The primary shift in the past few seasons has been to focus on the value and necessity of equipping in various social spaces. Rather than expecting the large Sunday gathering to be a sufficient tool for teaching and equipping, we have begun to spread this responsibility more evenly across different settings: equipping for prayer and worship in a weekend workshop with a group of 40-50; going deep into theological topics with 20 students over the course of 5 weeks; equipping leaders in small cohorts we call ‘huddles;’ and other similar workshops and intensives that address the needs of Campus House in each season. The use of these social and personal spaces has taken some of the weight off of our large gatherings and has allowed for new and deeper connections with the community in contexts that give space for authentic equipping on a new level.”

Ralph McCoy, Pastoral Team

Students gather for a Bible study on the theology of faith and work.

We continued the rhythm of commissioning seniors with words of blessing and a farewell lunch.

A series of conversations on race created space for open dialogue with brothers and sisters of color.

Welcoming The Nations

We often say that “the mission field has come to us,” in that we have thousands of international students from 120 countries on our doorstep. With increased space and an additional staff member, Campus House hosted a welcome meal, traditional Thanksgiving dinner, cooking classes, game nights, and other events to care for our international neighbors and, hopefully and prayerfully, give them a taste of God’s goodness through His people.

Left Image: We partnered with Purdue to co-host an art outreach event for international students.

Top Image:We partnered with Purdue to co-host an art outreach event for international students.

Game Night invitations extended to the international community at Purdue provided opportunities for connection and hospitality.

The Thanksgiving Dinner welcomed 300 international students for a traditional meal and other festivities.

A New Shop for
Greyhouse Coffee

A third Greyhouse location attached to the Campus House lobby welcomes hundreds of customers each day, providing tons of opportunities to show hospitality to the Purdue community. We see many of these students wander through Campus House to find a spot to study or connect with friends—an encouraging indicator that even those who don’t call this their church feel at home.

“I’ve been a barista at Greyhouse the last 2 1/2 years. Greyhouse has been my favorite part of college. With that in mind, I’ve come to the realization that my mission at Greyhouse is bigger than serving a quality cup of coffee. My mission is to love on my community and, most importantly, give people a taste of who Jesus is and His perfection through me, an imperfect human. I pray for how Jesus can use me on a weekly basis!”

Ish Santiago, Junior

Greyhouse has its own entrance but is also accessible through the first floor lobby.

Students study and connect at the Greyhouse shop inside Campus House.

A Commitment to
Mission on Campus

This fall marked the beginning of Bridge Group, a year-long intensive for a dozen students and recent graduates with an emphasis on evangelism, discipleship, and planting house churches. Each member of the cohort is committed to reaching out to their friends and neighbors who don’t know Jesus and reconvening weekly for collective times of prayer and worship.

“And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’”
(Matthew 28:18-20)

“I am so proud of our Bridge Group, a segment of people connected to Campus House, who we’ve invested in and commissioned this year to help pioneer new ways of being Sent. They are employing an Acts 2 strategy for the church, focused on multiplying disciples. We’ve seen salvations, baptisms, healings, recommitments, discipleship, prayer, and life with Jesus abounding in this group!”

Dave Shockey, Pastoral Team

Three Ways to Pray For our Bridge Group:

  • Pray that each member would grow in wisdom and effectiveness in the ways and mission of Jesus.
  • Pray for those in bondage and destructive behaviors to be set free in Christ.
  • Pray for new converts to remain firm in the faith.

More Stories of God’s Movement

“He has wooed me more and more and called me to follow Him with my entire being. He has comforted me through story work and trauma therapy and revealed His justice.”

Chay Andolino, Young Professional

“My involvement in Hospitality Council and occupying the front desk at Campus House has allowed me time and space to devote to this practice of love. I feel a sense of belonging and purpose that I’ve never felt anywhere else. I’ve seen myself transform and come alive through my relationships here… and my role in the church has made my college years a time of faithful growth and devotion to God.”

Laura Barnes, Senior

“Hospitality at J-House revolves around providing an energetic, safe, Christ-centered space that is open to anyone. Our mission is to display the character of Jesus by encouraging our community of believers and providing a space for nonbelievers to experience an atmosphere of Christlike love.”

Matthew Lanum, J-House Resident


It has been a whirlwind of a year. Trying to find our footing in the midst of the changes and challenges has reminded me of kids on the playground attempting to jump on or off a merry-go-round in motion. It’s all a bit of a blur, and even a successful “leap” requires several subsequent moments to reorient. Our staff has tried to be more intentional about creating space to live and work from rhythms of rest, worship, and celebration; but there has been so much to process, launch, and invite people into. There have been so many to welcome, shepherd, and walk alongside.

The new house is a blessing on multiple levels. It is a gift to have such a beautiful, spacious, functional, and bustling house of prayer, worship, equipping, and hospitality in the center of campus. It’s the geographical hub of some of the remarkable stories of God’s work that you’ve just read: life-giving community, freedom that comes through surrender to the Lordship of Jesus, steps of faith into servant leadership and God’s calling.

There have also been challenges on so many fronts. We continue to navigate the pandemic; profound hardship and grief among our staff and students; and a host of needs on our campus, as our community grapples with the fragmenting and isolating effects of personal, familial, and cultural traumas while also managing the rigors of academia, relationships, and work.
It’s a whirlwind. It’s disorienting. It’s a bit of a blur.

And yet:
“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” (Hebrews 6:19)
“We have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”(2 Corinthians 4:7)
“We have this confidence in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.” (1 John 5:14)

And so we enter into the milieu with a kind of steadfastness that comes not by our own piety or strength, but only by proximity to Jesus. In our own disorientation, we continually seek to reorient ourselves to His presence and power, which bring a “peace that surpasses understanding,” as well as a resolute fierceness to participate with God in His work to reverse the fall—to bring His Kingdom.

In the words of T.S. Eliot, “We must be still and still moving. In my end is my beginning.” We must be still and know that God is God—to ground ourselves in Jesus, in whom we live and move and have our being, and to prayerfully move in step with the Spirit by His power.

May it be so.

In Christ alone,

Rob Schrumpf, Pastoral Team

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