Hi, we’re Campus House.

We’re a church community in the heart of Purdue that seeks to love Jesus and follow Him in every part of life. Most of the people around here are students, but we welcome young professionals and families, too. We’re also interdenominational—meaning that whether you’ve known Jesus for a while or it’s all brand new or you’re asking questions, you have a seat at the proverbial table. Learn more about our vision, beliefs, and values here.

Campus House has existed at Purdue for nearly six decades, but this is our first school year in our brand new home—a culmination of God’s faithfulness, years of planning, and 500+ people sacrificially donating $7 million. It’s spacious, beautiful, and practical. We can’t wait to have you in it, especially after the limitations of a temporary facility and the pandemic.

Hence, our theme for the year: Begin Again. [Some language from Rob here?]

To be honest? This is strange territory. We’re still trying to discern what “life in the House” will look like this year in a new home and mostly post-pandemic campus culture. But we’d love for you to join us and come and see where God will lead.