In describing the vision for the new space, we have often used the phrase, “Kingdom Outpost”— in reference to a building on the edge of the frontier where pioneers found fellow travelers, a place of safety and rest, supplies, and training for the journey. For most, the outpost was a temporary stop-over to gather, heal, and prepare for the next part of the adventure. Here’s what that looks like this year at Campus House.

“Becoming a Place and People of Presence, Belonging, Healing, and Equipping, who are then Sent out to make disciples of all nations.” 

These are the five anchors that encapsulate the vision and mission of Campus House, but they are also descriptive of the day-to-day life in the new house.

In-house Sunday worship gatherings, Presence Night (a couple hours of worship and baptisms), a prayer workshop, and a designated prayer room have all served as an impetus to become a people of Presence outside the walls of Campus House, as well; to live a worshipful life that spills over into pockets of prayer and worship all over campus.

House Groups, Table Groups, Bridge Group, and Sunday dinners for our growing collection of non-student folks have all contributed to becoming people of Belonging, pockets of Christ-centered community. Having space for multiple groups of people to gather and an incredible kitchen for hospitality have been huge blessings in creating a culture of discipleship and belonging.

One of the biggest challenges of our old building (and in our temporary space last year) was having space for the work of pastoral care, prayer, and counseling. A third floor dedicated to individual staff offices has provided safe spaces for spiritual formation and the deeper Healing of spiritual and emotional wounds and trauma. A designated prayer room has been another setting for healing ministry, as well.

Paul reminds Timothy that Scripture is inspired by God, that it trains and aligns us with what is true so that each believer can be prepared and equipped for the work of the Kingdom. For us, Equipping takes the form of “huddling” with House Group leaders, spiritual and ministry formation with leadership councils, and more classroom-based learning intensives on Scripture, theology, and cultural issues.

Becoming people who are Sent has multiple elements, as campus is welcomed into the House and the Church is sent out of the House. A Greyhouse shop within our building has seen 300+ people walk through the doors most every day, which has provided opportunities for hospitality and a tangible way to bless campus. With the addition of Hailey on staff, we are able to be welcome more international students into the space and community. The “sending” includes our Bridge Group commissioned to be missionaries to campus through discipleship and evangelism, building and training teams for Vision Trips, and helping prepare graduates to be sent out to live for the glory of Christ and His Kingdom.

In the words of T.S. Eliot, "The end is where we start from.” A life built on Jesus, in the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God and His Kingdom as we move in mission with one another.

Rob Schrumpf, Lead Pastor

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