In this episode, we continue our consideration of wealth from the perspective of wisdom, turning to the Gospel of Luke to understand how our financial practices change when we are walking with God. From Ecclesiastes 5 & 6 we see that the reality of death ought to cause us to reconsider our love of money. If you can’t take it with you when you die, how ought we to use money here and now? It turns out we can still enjoy money (Eccl 5:18-20), but not in the same way as those who love money. In Luke 12 we see Jesus’ answer to money’s place in our lives. He says our primary struggle with money is that we expect it to provide more comfort and security than it actually can. He confronts our anxiety about scarcity, and shows that our lives are much more about our eternal souls than our financial savings. He calls Christians to be “rich toward God.” Our hearts follow our investments, he says, and when we seek God’s kingdom and find our treasure in heaven more than on earth, our lives are transformed. Knowing that Jesus became poor so we might become rich gives us salvation, motivation, and an illustration for how to give generously for God’s kingdom purposes.